Thank you for your services

All, It is with a heavy heart I am officially announcing the resignation of position of two integral members of the BVA.

First, Randy Gaddo has informed me due to a demanding work schedule coupled with a move to new state he will be unable to continue as the Editor in Chief of the Root Scoop II.

Secondly, Bill Thompson has also resigned as Membership Chair due to his exceedingly time consuming work schedule. I would like to personally thank Randy and Bill for their tireless efforts in support of the BVA.

Semper Fidelis,

Bryan Ayres President, BVA

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ATTENTION: To all attending the 31st Remembrance

Beirut Veterans, families and Guest of the 31st Remembrance in Jacksonville, NC Please read carefully:

If you are attending the 31st Remembrance at Jacksonville, NC,  THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE PROVIDED BY Oct 4th, 2014. 

I need you to email me with the names (last name, first name) of everyone coming with you that will be going onto Camp Lejeune.  No one is exempt from this; I must have a list of names to give to the Base.


I need you to email me the following information if you do not have a valid DOD sticker on your vehicle and intend to get a vehicle pass:

Last Name, First name (of person who will register vehicle) – Drivers Lic number, State it is issued – Vehicle year, make & model, color, plate (tag) number and state issued – Insurance company, policy number and expiration date. Please make sure to give me ALL the info listed above in the order shown. If you are renting a vehicle, in the place of Vehicle information (year, make, color, …..) just say “rented Vehicle”. Please put the information in the order shown.


Doe, John – 1234567890, GA – 1934, Ford, Model T, STP001, GA – 3Thumbs Ins, 012341234, 01/01/2013

If you have a valid DOD vehicle sticker on your vehicle, this will not affect you or your ability to drive on base.

If possible, we need you to car pool onto base as much as possible, this will save parking space and help with eliminating traffic on base. Please help out if possible.

Please email me at with all the information listed above by Oct 4th. I have to turn this in on Oct 6th.

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