Base Access Information

You are responsible for obtaining a Base Pass using the Base Pass procedures. Anyone possessing a valid Department of Defense ID or Retired ID allowing base access generally may be able to use those cards for base access.

If you are renting a vehicle, we will advise you on proper procedures once Base advises us on the same.

If you have any questions about base access you can contact Alicia Shields at [email protected]

Base Access

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For those attending the Remembrance Ceremonies in Jacksonville North Carolina this year who wish to gain access to the base we need the following information:

We must have this information no later then Sunday evening SEPTEMBER 23rd 2018. Anyone not submitting this information will not be sponsored and will not be able to get a base temporary pass.

Persons who possess a valid Department of Defense ID card or retirement ID card may access the base with those cards.

Contact Information
Vehicle Information
Names of any and all passengers riding with you on to base
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